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Show Me The Money!

The first step in the home buying process is to get pre-approved for a loan, or show verification of enough cash to purchase one. This is what we call the "Show Me The Money" step.

To get pre-approval you need to get in front of the right loan officer with the right products and services for your specific needs, and not just any loan officer with any bank. This is of utmost importance!

The loan officers on our team each provide different products and services, they are highly experienced, and we have a good working relationship with all of them. They exemplfy the experience we require in a loan officer, and are required to do their job with the utmost integrity, trust, wisdom, knowledge and honesty.

It is highly reccommended that you contact us first, so that we may introduce you to the perfect loan officer with the right products, services, rates, fees, and terms for your needs.

Please complete the form below to begin this first, and most important step in the home buying process.